being enough

Yesterday evening, a friend and I decided it was high time to fight the impossibly windy weather with some French methods : Merlot and rouge lipstick. In one of the cosiest pubs of Edinburgh, we talked the night away, cuddled up in the huge leather seats, similar to the ones my Grandfather used to read his newspaper in, faded by the smell of his cigarettes.

soft morning.JPG

Of our conversation, I remember her telling me about the struggle of being a musician, the coldness of academic people, the pretention of the oldest pianists and how she constantly has to prove herself. My friend is passionate – how could she play the piano with such intensity otherwise – however, the years passed and she can no longer afford to be a young prodige for she has to find ways to sell herself and her talent, learning how to be pragmatic about what is, for her, natural. Everybody else pursuing unconventional dreams, had to confront to the reality that skills and the object of art are not enough, not anymore. It became a sport to run from an interview to another, from a café to a party where – no matter if it is an unformal gathering – people will have to subtly prove themselves worth the attention, hoping for the interview or the business card that will bring them to an exhibition, a recital or a part.

To us, creative souls, business is not always instinctive and tends to appear as rather paradoxical. We are selling emotions, our very own definition of beauty. How can we sell what is infinitely subjective ? As the years go by, it is unfortunately something we have to learn in order to succeed a little, beaucoup, passionnément, branding ourselves, using social media to grow the setting of our world and hope that through the photos, people will be touched.

Today, I would like to tell you that you are enough. Your paintings, your sculptures, your photos, your music... They stand on their own and speak for your talent. You do not have to prove anything, it is only a game. So, do not lose hope, continue to create in your wonderful carefreeness because people will hear you, beyond the grey suits and academic clubs, and you will connect with souls whose hearts you have truly touched.