feeling sensual

Writing articles about self-love is not always easy. Things have been said a thousand times and people tend to perceive caring about our body as shallow; ridiculous when it comes to men, pretentious when it comes to women. Sadly, when I share these posts on social media, some will forget my taste for English and French literature, my love for classical music and how I can insert Nouvelle Vague quotes in any conversation. The same goes for these girls who, a few weeks ago, responded to my Instagram story telling me that they didn’t dare post photos of themselves at the beach because their followers might misjudge them. One of the girls is a booklover and she believes posts of her body in a bathing suit and her love for literature are incompatible. The truth is, we can all be sensual and intelligent, proud and humble, talented and funny.


We all have, at least once, rolled our eyes when we spotted a photo or an outfit we thought inappropriate. Still, don't we agree that we secretly admired the confidence of the person who dared do what they wanted, regardless of society's opinion ? If you feel beautiful, today, tomorrow, in two weeks, take a photo and be proud.

If your partner makes you feel bad about being proud and happy in your own skin, tell them to f* off, merci beaucoup. They shouldn’t bring you down, they should be proud of you. ‘You don’t need to post that.’ It’s not about needing, it’s about wanting. If I post a photo of my body, it is with as much spontaneity than the pictures of landscapes, Chopin and Sagan. When you post your carefree lovely selfies, it inspires me to feel the way you do on that photo. We’re being raised humble, but it doesn’t mean we should be ashamed. Teach yourself how to be proud of your body, because nobody told you how to be.

Remember that feeling of bliss and peace because we all know how it can slip away so fast. Be proud of your skin, its glow despite the little imperfections only you can see. Show your pride of your unique constellation of beauty spots, freckles, your large hips, tiny breasts, bumpy nose or thin lips, for all imperfections disappear when you smile, c’est magique.

Know your heart and your body, and look after both the way you want, the way you feel is right. Be fearless because as silly as it may seem, time flies and those moments of beauty are gifts.

We feel a lot of pressure coming from our family, friends and audience, however doesn't much of this pressure come from ourselves and what we allow to touch us ? Nothing should have the power to keep you away from your spontaneous stories and posts, especially not your own self-doubt. Get rid of those and give in to the delightful feeling of beauty, power and carefreeness.