falling 'humanly' in love


Have you ever fallen 'humanly' in love with a stranger ? I do, if they are talking with passion about what or who they love, their dreams and hopes. Nowadays, it is rare, we all became too distrustful. 

I forever cherish authentic conversations that welcomed open hearts and pieces of our souls, trusting strangers and giving them love and kisses as if we had known them forever. Falling into people as if tomorrow was impossible.

Some people create beauty from nothing, make the routine magical by noticing details like rainy windows, the tiny flowers growing out of sidewalk cracks, shadows on the walls, talk with passion about what they love, give spontaneous forehead kisses, laugh so loudly it's contagious, sing in the rain, compliment others randomly, make surprises for the people they love, believe in each other, take photos of their friends and family, make souvenirs, blush at a stranger’s smile, appreciate the little things of life, send love letters...